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ElectriCareNY offers expert ceiling fan installation services in Clarkstown & Ramapo, NY and the surrounding areas with experienced electricians who are dedicated to helping customers save on energy costs.

We provide a variety of services such as ceiling fan installation and light installation so customers can reap the benefits of reduced energy consumption by up to 40% in the summer months and 10% in winter.
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ElectriCareNY offers comprehensive ceiling fan repair and installation services in Clarkstown and Ramapo, NY. Our certified technicians are available to provide reliable maintenance for existing ceiling fans as well as professional installation of new ones.

Common issues that require repair include screeching or squeaking noises coming from the fan motor, malfunctioning blades due to poor wiring connections, and decreased airflow due to worn-out parts. Our staff is highly knowledgeable on all types of ceiling fans and can quickly diagnose any problems you may be having with your current setup.

What to Look for When Buying a Ceiling Fan

When selecting a product for ventilation, it is important to consider various features such as size, airflow capacity, motor power, and energy efficiency. Ceiling fans offer an efficient way to cool a room while providing light and saving on energy costs. It is important to evaluate the following when choosing the ideal ceiling fan:

  • Size: The fan should be proportional to the size of the room. Measure your ceilings before purchasing a fan and make sure you have enough space for installation with a ceiling fan box.
  • Airflow Capacity: Look for fans with high CFM or cubic feet per minute so that air can circulate more efficiently throughout the room. A powerful motor will help boost CFM and operate quietly at the same time.
  • Number & Angle Of Blades: Choose blades with angles between 10-15 degrees in order to achieve maximum efficiency. Opting for fewer blades can also reduce drag on the motor while maintaining airflow quality.
  • Energy Efficiency: Look for fans that feature an Energy Star rating or other labels indicating their energy efficiency level, which helps save money over time on energy bills while helping preserve natural resources.

Ceiling Fan Installation Options

When considering a ceiling fan installation, the size of the fan is an important factor to consider. The motor type and power output of the fan also influence its performance, and if there is a need for remote control or lights then this should be factored in as well. Lastly, the number of blades on the fan can be selected to suit desired airflow levels.

Ceiling Fan Size

When selecting a ceiling fan for installation in Clarkstown and Ramapo, NY, the size of the fan must be considered to ensure efficient operation. This is because the industry measures fans in cubic feet per minute (CFM) per watt of electricity. An efficient fan can produce 100 CFM while one that is not as good may only deliver 30 CFM. Therefore, it is important to make sure that the size of the fan matches the size of the room so that it can operate efficiently.

To determine an appropriate sized ceiling fan for any given room, there are five main factors to consider:

  • Dimensions – Measure both the ceiling height and width to ensure you purchase a properly sized fan.
  • Airflow – Make sure to look at airflow ratings when choosing a fan.
  • Blade Span – The blade span should be relative to the size of your space.
  • Construction Quality – Pay attention to construction quality, as this will affect how long your ceiling fan lasts.
  • Style & Decor – Choose a style and decor that reflects your personal taste and complements your home’s existing style.

Remote Control and Lights

Utilizing a wireless remote can provide enhanced convenience for controlling ceiling fan speeds and lighting levels. Remote control benefits include the ability to instantly adjust fan speed, turn lights on or off, and often dimmer controls for adjusting light brightness.

Fans with remote control offer these advantages:

  • Ability to adjust the fan speed without leaving the comfort of your seat.
  • Turning lights on or off with a single button press.
  • Dimming lights from bright to soft illumination with the touch of a button, provides an ideal ambience in any room setting.
  • More energy efficiency as compared to fans operated by traditional pull chains due to more precise speed adjustment options available through the remote control technology.

The Number of Fan Blades

When purchasing a ceiling fan, it is important to consider the number of blades for various reasons. The number of fan blades impacts the noise level of a ceiling fixture, as well as its weight and required motor power.

A fan with four blades is quieter than one with three, however, more numerous blades can make the fan heavier which requires a more powerful motor to operate. Longer blades are more efficient but require additional consideration for the overall weight of the fixture.

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