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ElectriCareNY has been providing reliable electrical panel services to the Clarkstown & Ramapo, NY area for many years. Customers can count on our certified electricians to repair, upgrade, and replace their electrical panels in a timely manner.

Our team of experts have extensive experience working with all types of panels and wiring systems, ensuring that each job is done correctly and safely. We are also up-to-date with all local codes and regulations regarding electrical systems, so we provide the most comprehensive service available in the area.
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Our technicians will inspect your panel system to determine if it needs repairs or an upgrade before they start any work. If an upgrade is necessary, we can help you choose an appropriate replacement that meets both your needs and safety requirements.

We pride ourselves on offering quality service at competitive prices so that our customers get the best value for their money.

Benefits of Upgrading Your Electrical Panel

Upgrading an electrical system can provide a range of advantages, from more outlets and circuits to the ability to power larger appliances. Electrical panel services in Clarkstown and Ramapo, NY offer homeowners the opportunity to upgrade their electrical systems for improved safety and performance.

The benefits of upgrading an electrical service panel include:

  1. Adding more outlets and circuits to reduce over-crowdedness.
  2. Prevent breakers from overloading or tripping due to too much current running through them.
  3. Providing power for larger appliances such as dryers, air conditioners, ovens and other devices that require a significant amount of electricity for operation.

By investing in an electrical panel upgrade, homeowners can enjoy peace of mind knowing that their homes are safe from potential danger while also having the capacity to power all necessary electronic devices without the worry of overloading their systems.

Signs It’s Time To Upgrade Your Electrical Panel

Upgrading an electrical panel may be necessary if you are experiencing:

Flickering Lights

Flickering lights can be a sign of an underlying problem within the electrical panel, creating an unsettling atmosphere. The disruption of power that causes these lights to flicker is usually due to severe weather conditions such as thunderstorms.

However, if the issue persists it may indicate a malfunctioning electrical panel in need of repair or upgrade services. Electrical panels should be regularly checked for any kind of damage as they are responsible for distributing electricity throughout the home.

If flickering lights are present and not caused by stormy weather, it would be wise to call a professional electrician for inspection and repair services. By having your electrical panel inspected, you can rest assured knowing that your home’s safety is protected from potential dangers posed by faulty wiring or outdated systems.

Burning Smells

The acrid smell of burning emanating from the electrical system can be a sign of serious underlying issues. If this is the case, it is important to have a certified electrician inspect and repair the panel immediately to avoid any potential damage or danger.

Smoke coming from an electrical panel could potentially indicate loose connections, faulty wiring, short circuits, overheated components, or other safety hazards that must be addressed by a professional. When these types of problems are detected in Clarkstown or Ramapo areas, ElectriCareNY provides fast and reliable electrical services that include repairs and upgrades for existing panels as well as replacements if necessary.

Our team of certified electricians has extensive experience working with residential and commercial properties to ensure their electrical systems remain safe and up-to-code. We offer detailed inspections so clients can rest assured their panels are running smoothly without any risk of fire or injury due to poor wiring or malfunctioning components.

Tripped Breakers

Frequent tripping of circuit breakers can be an indication of underlying issues with the electrical system and should not be ignored. If your breakers are tripping every time you use the microwave or plug in your hair dryer, it is important to seek out professional services for electrical panel repair and upgrade.

Some signs that point to a need for repair or upgrade include:

  • Strange burning smells coming from the breaker box
  • Breakers that trip frequently or unexpectedly
  • Sparks or smoke emitting from outlets when appliances are plugged in

It is always best to get an expert opinion from a qualified electrician before attempting any repairs yourself, as improper repairs could lead to further damage and safety risks. Professional services for electrical panel repair and upgrade can ensure that any potential problems are identified and addressed quickly, efficiently, and safely.

New Appliances or Home Add-Ons

Many homeowners are unaware of the need to upgrade their electrical panels when purchasing new appliances or expanding their homes. It is important to ensure that the electrical system can accommodate any new additions.

In Clarkstown and Ramapo, NY, our technicians offer electrical panel repair and upgrade services to help homeowners make sure they have enough energy capacity for any new purchases. Upgrading an old panel or installing a brand-new one will guarantee that all additional appliances and add-ons are connected safely and securely to your existing power lines.

Furthermore, it will also help reduce the risk of tripped breakers due to overloading circuits. Our experienced team will inspect your current setup before recommending the most suitable option for you based on your needs.

Warm Panel

Inspections of existing systems may reveal that a warm panel is indicative of a malfunction or inadequate size for the home’s electrical needs. The presence of warmth coming from an electrical panel can be due to several factors, including overloaded circuits, a failing breaker, and/or improper installation.

Depending on the cause, repairs may require replacement parts, rewiring or upgrading the panel itself. Here are some key points to consider when deciding whether repair or upgrade is necessary:

  • Overloaded circuits often occur when too many appliances are used at once; this can lead to the circuit tripping and causing a warm panel.
  • Failing breakers can also cause a warm panel; if there is no visible damage to the breaker but it still trips frequently then it should be replaced with one that meets current safety standards.
  • Improper installation of your electrical system can also lead to a warm panel; in these cases, it is important to get professional assistance in order to ensure that all components are properly installed and functioning correctly.
  • Upgrade your electrical system if necessary by installing additional outlets or larger capacity breakers for more efficient use of electricity in your home.

Additional Reasons For the Electrical Panel Upgrade

The installation of AFCI outlets at the start of each circuit can provide a much-needed layer of protection against electrical fires, surges, and other damage. These devices act as a guard against electricity jumping from one wire to another and are essential for ensuring safe and reliable electrical service.

Additionally, these outlets also offer some additional benefits that may be worth considering when deciding whether or not to upgrade an existing panel. One benefit is that they can reduce energy bills by reducing the amount of electricity used in a home or business. They do this by recognizing when appliances are running on too much power and cutting off their current supply – meaning more efficient use of electricity throughout the building.

Furthermore, AFCI outlets also provide peace of mind for homeowners who worry about potential fire risks due to outdated wiring systems or worn-out panels as they help prevent dangerous surges from occurring in such cases. Finally, it should be noted that installing these outlets is relatively simple and cost-effective compared to those associated with replacing an entire panel.

Hire ElectriCareNY for Professional Electrical Panel Services

Utilizing our extensive knowledge of electrical services, ElectriCareNY offers professional panel upgrade and repair solutions to homeowners in the area. Homeowners can trust our experienced professionals to ensure that all work is done correctly and safely with minimal disruption.

With years of experience serving clients in Clarkstown & Ramapo, NY and the surrounding areas, ElectriCareNY has a high success rate when it comes to resolving electrical issues. We have dedicated teams who provide comprehensive electric panel services for residential customers such as replacing circuit breakers, adding circuits or breakers, 220-volt circuits, and more.

Our team will assess your home’s electrical system and provide you with an individualized solution that meets your needs. With our help, you can rest assured that dangerous issues are resolved quickly and effectively so your home can be safe for you and your family.

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